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Land Use

Creating a Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan for Biodiversity Net Gain

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Habitat management and monitoring are integral to effective biodiversity net gain (BNG) implementation. This blog may be helpful if you’re a: land manager planning on (or already delivering) off-site BNG, developer planning on delivering significant on-site BNG, responsible body or local authority reviewing gain plans or overseeing obligations and agreements or advisor supporting any of these groups 

Natural England’s habitat management and monitoring plan templates - Guest Natural England Blog (Mike Burke, Head of Sustainable Development)

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Mike Burke, Head of Sustainable Development, Natural England, writes about two new templates developed by Natural England specifically for use with biodiversity net gain (BNG).

Biodiversity Net Gain for land managers – step by step flowcharts

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With the January launch date around the corner, the market for Biodiversity Net Gain offers many potential opportunities for land managers, but what steps do land managers need to take to sell to this new ecosystem service market? Katie Gowers, BNG’s metric policy lead at Defra, has put together some helpful flowcharts to guide land managers through the process, and to consider the different sale options.

Incorporating Local Nature Recovery Strategies when planning for Biodiversity Net Gain

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LNRSs and BNG both aim to reverse the decline of biodiversity in England: but what do you need to know about how they work together? We’ve summarised how the policies will join up to support developers, landowners, and local authorities in contributing to nature recovery. This blog is also relevant to ecologists and associated advisors on both supply and demand sides of the off-site BNG market.